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Undisclosed innovation project

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Together with social scientist and academic Koray Caliskan, our co-founder Matt Wade published a paper with She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, that outlines a new evidence-based research and prototyping methodology for strategic design, called DARN Approach.

DARN acts as a methodological toolkit to equip strategic designers to reimagine, repair, darn or improve the interaction between devices, actors, representations and networks within complex organizational universes.

Inspired by Actor-Network Theory (ANT), the approach includes the addition of devices (D) and representations (R) as two critical new classes of elements that describe how responsibility for action is distributed in 21st Century situations and contexts.

Darn homepage
The Darn information hub

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    We continue our ongoing relationship with The National Gallery to define how digital technology creates opportunities for an enhanced future visitor experience.

    National Gallery prototype
    Detail from a prototype experience designed to learn about desire for participatory visitor experiences

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    Design education is central to our practice so to work with Derek Yates again to co-author a course for Future Learn on designing for XR was a highlight for us.

    future learn thumbnail from video
    Matt and Derek discuss designing for extended realities

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    We had the pleasure of leading the experience design strategy for an undisclosed project for the UK's most innovative public service broadcaster.

    More to follow in 2023...

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    Over the last year we've taught workshops, acted as advisors for new courses and spoken many times at leading UK and international universities — including The New School in New York and the University of Nottingham in the UK.

    One highlight was talking to the students and staff at the University of Southampton with a talk we called Problematic Futures. The talk focused on the need for design practice that engages with pressing world problems rather than the current noise around design and technology that creates an escape from real world problems.

    We will post the talk online soon.

    a slide from our talk problematic futures
    A slide from our talk Problematic Futures referencing Hancock and Bezold's 'futures cone' (1994) with the addition of a path towards problematic scenarios

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